Blaster's App Screenshots

Exported Borehole Layout (Example #1)

Exported Borehole Layout (Example #2)

Exported Borehole Layout (Example #3)
Note how this layout instantly shows you that there are issues with some of its holes.
Holes within 7ms are automatically shown in red, making it very easy to pick up on mistakes.

Blaster's App Main Menu Screen
This is the home screen within the app. All of the apps calculators and tools are accessible from here. Easily return to this screen at any time by tapping the "Blaster's App" logo at the top or the back arrow to the left of the logo when in any screen.

A completed 'Borehole Layout'
This a completed borehole layout with the "Heat Map On". Turning on the Heat Map will visually show you in color the order of the holes, from darkest to lightest (first to last).

Calculator: Rock per Borehole
Easily calculate your rock per borehole by putting in your burden, depth and spacing. Tap the top text area to switch calculations from tons to cubic yards. Use the arrows on any calculator to manually adjust the numbers up or down in any text box.

Calculator: Ground Vibration Prediction
Predict ground vibration easily using this calculator! Input your variables, adjust as needed and tap to change your preferred conditions to determine your PPV. Tap the ? within any calculator to view the equations used. Adjust any numbers in the text boxes to customize the calculations to suit any blasting conditions.

Calculator: Standard
Blaster's App also contains a customized standard calculator with all of the necessary buttons a professional explosives engineer will need on the job.

A view of the standard calculator on iPad
The iPad version of Blaster's App allows for an additional menu to the right of any calculator or tool. This makes moving back and forth between screens very quick and easy by eliminating the step of going back to the home screen.

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